casing the sill

by fulkramick

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All music performed and produced by fulkramick.
Old voices from radio's "golden age".
fulkramick is Mark L.

Limited edition cassette from N3i Records:

Compact disc from Fulkramick Music to be released soon!


released October 1, 2017


all rights reserved



fulkramick Oswego, New York

Fulkramick blends acoustic instrumentation, textured sonic experimentation, creative and skillful drumming with post rock electro grooves.

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Track Name: Fession
in grease squared to the walk
in taxing lines shoved up with talk
Track Name: Midair View
shouldn't want to fall so high
I'll get by without you
shouldn't want to fall so high
I'll hold on to the infinite blue

curve in reach to call
the height I shouldn't fall
think through the blue
in this midair view
Track Name: Mend Regard
Destroy all of its worth
mend value from its birth
Track Name: All is Faired
"Since where?" won't matter now.
Casing a sill to see ground.
Forever sink into the flip you lay on.
Can't see what wind takes me.
Track Name: Stuckstruck
it can't stay gripping
when the roots are still weaving
*who knows what tomorrow will bring*
*let it go* *put it all away*
*neither you or I can control time*
it can stay stuck when I'm being struck
where underground is now tangled with strings I can pluck
wrist clear of lines
to wrap in the vines
pushing through this pass, this incline.
Track Name: Days Pull Trigs
the days pull through
can't say it's with you.
you are not my enemy
but a friend to me
keep me safe to be
Track Name: Ripcord Whip
I can see me here
take a seat over here
and hug at the end
the passion you feel
is what makes it bend
a flowing tide, a ripcord whip
Track Name: Foyer Guard
I forgot to take provisions to the foyer guard.
"It doesn't necessarily have to be played up, it just automatically plays itself up."
"It doesn't automatically play itself up, somebody's got to start it."
He forgives mistakes.
"Relative to..." in his own heart.
Feeling windy shakes, it took a time to restart.
"Turn on the light, Mr. Guard. Turn on the light, light guard."
If you save time sacred.
"Taking time is all it takes.
What it means, what it makes."

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