by fulkramick

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    This album chronicles a period of three days many years ago. it was recorded from 2011-2013. All music and production by fulkramick. Thanks for listening.




released 12 November 2013



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fulkramick Oswego, New York

fulkramick is experimental fevered dream rock using live instruments and electronic liberties.

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Track Name: Over Town
sometimes they're green
some eyes are blue
your old boots that you used over town.
Then everything turned red.
Thinking, we were thinking, "It dosen't really matter", too.
Where were you when we were thinking?
60 stripes of black and grey
a silver train to my new/home.
Hysterically, three tokens of your eyesight.
Over town.
Track Name: Perth Street
It was all very wrong
right as we walked in spotlit stone.
In a room with wired view
helped me choose another you.
Track Name: Alley Ally
Won't see a second night like this going down. My god.
Challenging this chase scene, in this other ground.

Taken down where no gloves fit on.

Place the signs until nothing fits you.
Track Name: Panic Station
*it's a guilt complex and gets added to the thoughts, okay?*
*I see*
*whether you like it or not you're eventually going to.*
Track Name: Grave Grove
why bring me
a jagged-tooth wisdom
to relive / relieve?
instead the tapped advice
corners me to advise
in the way the
trust exchanged saves the place we're in
in the way that only
a touchless embrace can disguise the crimes
Track Name: Iron District
sip the fire
and pass the blood
the only thing redeeming
is a rest from screaming
willed to form
new ties
with old arms
deep cuts
from welcome knives
on the sun
when memory parts ways from hall to storm
embracing the breeze that makes it warm
effortless plans take pieces to drive
a purpose (deleted) keeps me alive
Track Name: Turnstile Terminal
when the blood rush up
never thought that I'd see mother of pearl
this is the last time
mother of pearl will mark our place
in thinking time
or in a far dark place
where we'll remember the time
this happened in a place
where we knew no time
or knew our place
I've said goodbye in time
from every other place
and I will rescue the time
if I could see your face